Timber Ceilings

A timber ceiling literally lifts a room. But its appeal isn’t just in the stylish, modern lines or the natural warmth of wood – timber ceiling panels also offer superior acoustic performance. Create a new ceiling or dress-up an old with a solution that offers the wow factor combined with everyday practicality.

Austratus wooden timber ceilings offer many advantages:

  • Attach to a new suspended ceiling or directly clip to an existing ceiling.

  • Enjoy easy installation with the Studco system – rails simply screw in, then you attach plastic clips and insert the timber lengths.
  • Paint an existing ceiling a dark colour to add depth and shadow lines.
  • Use for out of weather areas by applying external coatings and our external rail system.


Installation: Everything you need from start to finish

Austratus offers so much more than head-turning style. Our patent-pending fitting system allows continuous lengths of timber to be simply and easily clipped into a suspended ceiling. It can also be screwed directly onto existing walls and ceilings.

Complete, off-the-shelf system including hanging rods, clips, rails and selected timber profiles. For added convenience, Austratus also supplies specially-engineered finishing trims and spacers.


Download Installation

Four easy steps

Step 1


Simply fix your L-shaped trim to the walls as a level border.

Step 2

Place rails up to 600mm apart – Suspended.

Step 3

Place the plastic clips onto the battens approximately 600mm apart. The clips slide for minor adjustments.

Step 4

Now you’re ready to start inserting your timber lengths. Simply push the timber into the clips.

Timber Ceiling Installation tips

  1. As you work across the room, ensure each row of timber profiles is straight. Lasers can be used to ensure accuracy.
  2. The profiles can be end-butted together with clip-on joiners, or left spaced for shadow-line effects. Adjustments are simple and hassle free.
  3. If you require speakers, lights, air vents or any other special features, the timber is easy to remove and cut. Austratus also supplies tins of touch-up coating to restore coated finishes to the end grain.
  4. Keep in mind that special features, such as air-conditioning vents, may require extra rails and clips to support the cut timber.
  5. Ensure that any smaller joins are properly supported with a short TCR rail and clips covering the adjacent profiles.

Austratus has a natural acoustic rating, which can be further enhanced to suit various application requirements, with the addition of acoustic insulation. Simply cut the insulation to the required shape and size, then lay it on top of the timber profiles. Technical information is available on request.