Architectural Timber Screens

Timber screens are the ideal way to modernise outdoor and out-of-weather spaces, while providing privacy and shade protection. Perfect for both commercial and residential applications, Austratus timber screening using external rails and an external coating offers many benefits:

  • Choice of timbers and profiles to achieve a seamless look with the surrounds.
  • An instant pick-me-up for ageing buildings, providing contemporary warmth and adding value.

  • Easy installation using a patent-pending clip-on system that speeds up quotes, supply and installation and avoids the use of specialist labour.
  • Painless positioning using locator chips to position timber screen panels at the right height, then fixing rails to a support system.
  • Simple adaptation to external and out-of-weather applications using external railings and timber finishes.

Installation: Everything you need from start to finish

Austratus offers so much more than head-turning style. Our patent-pending fitting system allows continuous lengths of timber to be simply and easily screwed directly onto existing walls.


Download Installation

Five easy steps

Step 1


Fix rails up to 600mm apart.

Step 2


Place plastic clips and spacers (if required) into the rails.

Step 3


If required, fix locaters to end-join timber lengths (acts as a sleeve). If the profiles are running vertically, the locaters will prevent the profiles slipping down when fixed above the clip.

Step 4


Now begin to insert your timber lengths, simply push the timber into the clips.

Step 5


Once all timber lengths are in place, if the rail ends are exposed, insert the end caps.