Game-changing innovation based on decades of experience

Austratus is a new product innovation from architectural timber specialists Cedar Sales. With more than 30 years in the business, we’re in touch with industry demands. The popularity of timber walls and suspended ceilings continues to grow. Clients want architectural timber statements more than ever.

However, restrictive budget, time and building constraints all too often limit the design potential of a project and render timber walls and suspended ceilings out of reach.

So clients are forced to turn to gyprock or ceiling tiles – affordable, fast to order and practical to install – but they lack wow-factor.

Responding to market demand for an easier way to produce timber walls and suspended ceilings, we created Austratus. Our design philosophy and commitment to offering a game-changing solution saw us go right back to the drawing board. We created Austratus from scratch, making sure to avoid all the typical issues of working with slatted timber.

No more painful, fiddly installations. Austratus avoids the pain of exacting site measures, made-to-order manufacturing, specialist installation, and cumbersome design.

Quick online quote requests. Just provide the ceiling area square meterage and answer a few site questions.

Off-the-shelf supply on selected items.

We challenged our innovative design team to draw on their decades of practical timber experience and come up with an entirely new, state-of-the-art system that would change the industry.

And they did.

Our patent-pending, off-the-shelf system makes timber walls and ceilings fast to install, easy to work with, and cost-effective. Offering a range of stylish profile designs in Western Red Cedar and Hemlock, Austratus not only looks great, it’s affordable and you don’t need specialist skills to install it.

Austratus is a game changer, making it possible to add architectural style to your projects, while still adhering to tight budgets and deadlines.