Why Austratus is Both New AND Proven

Austratus might be the newest kid on the block when it comes to timber walls and suspended ceilings, but that doesn’t mean you’re taking a risk with an unproven product. Austratus is an innovation developed by Cedar Sales, an architectural timber specialist with more than 30 years in the business.

With extensive experience and a loyal client base, we’ve already installed Austratus on multiple projects. The feedback is in and clients are raving about both the results and the process. Take a look for yourself.

Proven projects

Bunnings new Designer Choice Centre Adds Acoustic Appeal

A suspended timber ceiling and wall features add both designer appeal and acoustic properties in this showcase training room for Bunnings’ trade clients.

Customised Style for a Coastal Commercial Office Fitout

A suspended timber ceiling for this commercial office is the perfect way to provide soft filtered light and complement the coastal aesthetic of the space.

Specialist Medical Client Beats the Installation Clock

We supplied batten ceilings to a new specialist medical clinic, with the specification only coming in 3-4 weeks before installation. Not only that, but a V-Fin profile was requested to create a narrow pencil effect. At the time, that profile wasn’t part of our standard range, but we manufactured it in time. And it’s such a great look that we’ve now added it as a standard profile.

  1. Timber Batten Ceilings in 2 Weeks? No Worries

For an upmarket apartment building in South Australia which won’t be built until 2018, we supplied and installed timber batten ceilings within two weeks for the display centre.

Client testimonials

“The Austratus team was great to work with. They produced several prototypes in a short timeframe to get the best result. The battens look great in place and the system was quick and simple to install.”
Thomas O’Shea, Loucas Zahos Architects

“What a product! This was our first project using Austratus and we were blown away by how easy it was to work with. It’s lightweight and super easy to customise. Austratus produced a really great finished result – we are thrilled with the outcome and so is the client.”
Hamish Gray, Gray Construction Group