4 Reasons To Use Hemlock for Your Next Project

Benefits of Hemlock Timber Hemlock is naturally beautiful. It’s an exquisite addition to any space, and offers an exotic and contemporary feel for an affordable price. Austratus proudly uses sustainably sourced Hemlock to produce outstanding results for our clients. Hemlock makes an architectural statement, and is an abundant, workable timber. Add ambience and enhance your […]

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Product Spotlight: Fin Profile

The Austratus Fin Profile is one of the revolutionary products available as timber ceilings, timber walls and more. Offering a classic yet modern look, the Fin Profile adds depth and character to any space. Due to the tall and slim shape of each timber section, shadows are cast creating a dynamic new layer and enhancing […]

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The Benefits of Using Western Red Cedar

As one of the world’s most unique softwood species, Western Red Cedar comes with many benefits, and has gained a reputation for its natural rich tones and high durability. This has made it a popular choice for external architectural use, as it can withstand the elements without compromising on style. Regardless of where you plan […]

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