Product Spotlight: Flat Profile

Timber is taking modern architecture to new heights, and with its beauty, sustainability and workability, there’s no questions why.

With the warm notes of stunning softwood, the Austratus flat profile will inspire a naturally calming character in the details of your next project. Our timber flat profile is an off-the-shelf suspended system that can be easily integrated into walls or ceilings to create a seamless timber finish.

The flat profile not only creates a stylish finish, but it’s easy to order and install, and can be adapted for the special features in your space. Consider the flat profile for indoor and outdoor installation, or screw the timber lining boards directly onto existing walls and ceilings.

Best Use

A flat timber profile is ideal for feature walls or suspended ceilings. The broad surface panels create a canvas for untouched, natural beauty, unveiling the unique tones and textures of your chosen softwood species. Flat profiles are easy to adapt and customise, making it a fitting choice for a number of projects. These include:

  • Residential: Media rooms, dining rooms, hallways or entrances
  • Commercial: Reception rooms and waiting areas, offices, boardrooms, retail shop fittings, public libraries, galleries, theatres & auditoriums
  • Hospitality: Clubs, pubs, restaurants, cafes and hotels

Product variations

The flat profile is available in 90mm x 18mm

Species & Finishes

Western Red Cedar

An incredibly popular softwood, loved for its unparalleled beauty, durability and resistance. Its rich tones and bold character add contemporary style to interior and exterior projects.

  • Premium: Available in a clear or pecan finish
  • Tight Knot (Lumba): Available in clear, black, grey white or rust finish


The pale, calming notes of hemlock timber make it an ideal choice for interior features. It creates contemporary flare as ceiling or wall lining and is available in a range of finishes to suit your décor. It’s stylish, versatile and exceptional to work with.

  • Available in clear, cocoa sand, white, beach hut grey, midnight sea or rusted copper finish

Customised projects

Do you have a vision? Collaborate with the Austratus team to bring your ideas to life. We are constantly inspired by our client’s unique design ideas, and love nothing more than to work as a team to create something truly spectacular.

We’re proud to present some of our most recent projects, designed using custom flat profiles.

  • Toombul Shopping Centre, Brisbane: Dynamic results were achieved for this urban retail destination with the use of modern, hemlock detailing. Austratus conducted a fast and efficient installation that transformed the entire atmosphere of this shopping centre.
  • HiSmile, Gold Coast: A beautifully modern space designed to elevate a team vibe and sustain an energetic culture. The custom hemlock profile created a truly amazing finish that achieved a light and beachy feel, perfectly suited to HiSmile’s coastal location.

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