Off-the-shelf ease

Austratus offers the flexibility and ease of an off-the-shelf product. The secret lies in our patent-pending fitting system, which has been designed by architectural timber specialists.

This system means that specifying genuine timber statements is no longer just a high-end building option.

Benefits of our patent-pending fitting system

  • Reduced installation time
  • No need for expensive specialist labour.
  • Choice of stylish profile designs to achieve just the look you’re after.
  • Specifying and quoting made easy. With our unique online quoting platform, all you need is the ceiling area square meterage – no more sweating over laborious site measurements or hounding suppliers for a quote.

  • Everything you need from start to finish with our complete, off-the-shelf system – including rods, clips and rails – and selected timber profiles.
  • Fast shipping. Using an off-the-shelf product means you can get started straight away, reducing lead times and saving you time and money.
  • On-site customisation and timber replacements are a breeze.
  • More economical than timber tile or panel systems, and very affordable compared to other alternatives.

Your how-to guide

Our how-to video shows a typical installation for a suspended ceiling using Austratus. Watch to see just how easy it really is.

It's Simple.


Step 1

1. To get started, simply fix your L-shaped trim to the walls as a level border and place rails up to 600 mm apart.

Step 2

2. Place rails up to 600mm apart - Suspended

Step 3

3. Place the plastic clips onto the battens approximately 600mm apart. The clips slide for minor adjustments.

Step 4

4. Now you're ready to start inserting your timber lengths. Simply push the timber up, clicking the clips into the rails.

Step 5

5. Click the spacers into the rails and repeat for the following rows. As you work across the room, ensure each row of timber profiles is straight. Lasers can be used to ensure accuracy.

Step 6

6. Adjustments are simple and hassle free.

If you require speakers, lights, air vents or any other special features, the timber is easy to cut and remove.

Step 7

7. Keep in mind that special features, such as air conditioning vents, may require extra rails and clips to support the cut timber.

Step 8

8. Simply cut the insulation to the required shape and size, then lay it on top of the timber.

Austratus has a natural acoustic rating, which can be further enhanced with the addition of acoustic insulation.

Step 9

And there you have it – an architectural timber ceiling or wall delivered and installed with ease.