Product Spotlight: Fin Profile

Fin Profile in Hemlock - Austratus
The Austratus Fin Profile is one of the revolutionary products available as timber ceilings, timber walls and more. Offering a classic yet modern look, the Fin Profile adds depth and character to any space. Due to the tall and slim shape of each timber section, shadows are cast creating a dynamic new layer and enhancing the look and feel of any interior.

The Fin Profile is available as an off-the-shelf product, meaning installation times are much, much shorter than you would imagine. Gray Construction Group installed an Austratus Hemlock V-Fin profile for a commercial office fit-out and were “blown away by how easy it was to work with”, noting how “it’s lightweight and super easy to customise.”

The Fin Profile is available in a range of styles, timbers and finishes and can be customised to almost any requirements.

We offer 4 variations of the Fin Profile:

  • 90 x 30mm
  • 60 x 30mm
  • 40 x 30mm
  • V-Fin 60 x 30mm

As well as 2 timber variations:

  • Premium Grade Western Red Cedar
  • High Quality Hemlock

And 3 finishes:

  • Raw
  • Clear Satin
  • Vogue Colour-Wash

To increase the options even further, we also supply the Fin Profile in a varying-height set-up, which we call the Fin Combo. A mixture of 90 x 30mm, 60 x 30mm and 40 x 30mm profiles are supplied depending on requirements, and all fit into the same Austratus patent pending fitting system. Opting for the Fin Combo with a mix of sizes can add some dramatic texture and lighting / shadow effects and well as enhancing the overall feel and look of the timber.

Ideal as an indoor product, both the Hemlock and Western Red Cedar timbers bring their own unique characteristics to your space. Without being overpowering, the timber features have a big presence and will be the source of many compliments, as well as a great conversation starter and ice breaker. To add to the aesthetic appeal, the timbers poses natural sound-proofing qualities and will help to absorb echoes and reduce the spreading of noise in public or shared spaces.

Be sure to take a look at our projects to see how we’ve used different configurations of the Fin Profile and the way each gives a different feel. Download our spec sheet on the V-Fin profile for reference and contact us for more information and to see how we can accommodate your requirements for gorgeous timber features in your chosen space.


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