Argent Australia, Brisbane

Location: Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Designer: Ellivo Architects

Builder: QCL Group

Products Used: Hemlock in Clear Satin

About the project

Argent Australia helps to create dream bathrooms and kitchens with stunning product collections that reflect fine craftsmanship, architectural designs and iconic brands.

The Argent Resource Centres (ARC)s, are specifically designed to cater for architects, interior designers and their clients, providing an elegant space to showcase the latest in bathroom trends from Europe.

When Argent’s Brisbane office, ARC and showroom relocated, the boardroom look and feel had to embody the company and its products: world-class engineering and design with exceptional quality, functionality and performance.

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The Austratus Difference

Austratus was an inspired choice for Argent’s Brisbane boardroom: striking, contemporary looks with another crucial ingredient for a vibrant meeting space: the right acoustics. With good acoustic absorption properties, Austratus can be counted on to deliver productive and comfortable work spaces with less noise.

The Fin Profile delivered the streamlined, high-end look that Argent needed, with wood’s natural warmth to encourage a welcoming and convivial feel for open and constructive dialogue. Best of all, Argent could make a style statement without the fuss. Easy and quick installation, plus great value for money, made Austratus the standout choice.

Product Spotlight

The Austratus Fin Profile offers extra depth and dimension. The classic square shape adds dynamic shadows to a space and allows one’s creative flair to truly stand out. Curved or straight, it creates interest in many ways. Hemlock timber offers a naturally pale, attractive look and flexible applications. And of course, natural timber is a high performer when it comes to acoustic absorption – perfect for busy shared spaces.