Designer Choice Centre, Cannon Hill, Queensland

Location: Cannon Hill, Queensland

Designer: Cedar Sales Design Studio

Builder: Chris Allen, CBA Building

Products Used: Austratus Flat profile in Western Red Cedar with a clear satin finish

About the project

Bunning’s new Designer Choice Centre is a new concept in educating trade clients. Incorporating a training and conference room, the space needed a completely different treatment from a typical Bunnings store – one that exuded designer style combined with sound absorption.


The Austratus Difference

Bunnings’ new training room for trade clients needed a point of difference. One that would set it completely apart from the warehouse feel of its consumer stores, to inspire trade clients and encourage them to equate Bunnings with upmarket design. Acoustics were an important practical consideration to insulate the training environment from ambient noise in the Designer Choice Centre.

The Austratus Flat profile in Western Cedar Red provided the answer. A suspended timber ceiling completely lifts the tone of the room, while striking wall features add to the designer appeal. The result is a warm, inviting and on-trend training environment with all the practicalities of effective sound absorption.

While the tight project lead times might normally put architectural timber ceilings out of reach, the Austratus patent-pending modular system solved the speed dilemma for both supply and installation.

Product Spotlight

The Flat profile provides a cost-effective way to add genuine architectural style to the training room. The broad cover width allows greater cover with less timber, while the choice of Western Red Cedar adds natural rich beauty and durability. Often considered to be the ultimate sustainable building product, Western Red Cedar is highly stable, termite-resistant, thermal-resistant, lightweight and easy to use, while coming from a certified renewable resource.